IFD’s Flower Trend Forecast

IFD to Launch the Reimagined Flower Trends Forecast

Ftf LogoThe floriculture industry plays an important role in the health and well-being of the human race. When it comes to the sharing of emotions, flowers and plants overcome all language barriers and serve as a universal language.

Today’s consumers are overstimulated and bombarded with information and capturing their attention has become extremely challenging. Clear marketing messages and images that convey value, tailored to today’s floral consumer, will be rewarded. Consequently, businesses in the floriculture space require new resources and actionable insights to cut through the constant noise in the ever-changing digital world.

One such resource is the reimagined Flower Trends Forecast from IFD. This ongoing resource housed exclusively on digital channels is designed to inform, inspire, and activate the industry to capitalize on leading consumer lifestyle trends. IFD member and General Manager of Frank Adams Wholesale Florist, Scott Isensee, explained, “Understanding consumer preferences and recognizing the rapidly changing floral trends are key for our business. As a floral and plant provider, we see the IFD Flower Trends Forecast as a valuable tool that allows us to better connect with our customers and provide them with useful and relevant information.”

Every other month, the Flower Trends Forecast will introduce a new consumer lifestyle trend sponsored by both fresh and hard goods suppliers. With each consumer lifestyle trend, the forecast will demonstrate not only how the trend fits within the floriculture space, but also how businesses selling cut flowers, plants and floral supplies can translate the trend to drive increased revenue. “Translating the trend” is primarily what sets IFD’s trends forecast apart from other industry reports.

“We all need to know ‘what’s next?’” said IFD Executive Director Jeff Lanman, “Since consumer preferences are evolving more quickly there has never been a more important time to stay on top of the trends. The opportunity for IFD to work with such great partners to provide the industry with insights needed to engage and inspire consumers is a true difference maker.”

The reimagined IFD Flower Trends Forecast will launch in the Spring of 2023. For more information, please visit www.flowertrendsforecast.com.


International Floral Distributors, Inc. (IFD) is a marketing company owned by 14 like-minded floral wholesale distributors with 51 locations focused on gaining business advantages for each member. IFD is a member-directed, member-driven organization. IFD originated as an informal group working together to import cut flowers. The group was expanded and hired an Executive Director in 1997. In 1998 IFD hosted its first perishable trade fair. In 1999 IFD published its first annual hardgoods catalog. The company was incorporated in 2000 and continues to grow in its scope of marketing and networking activities.  The IFD staff is a mix of marketing, technology, and flower industry experts. As an owner/member of IFD, members take advantage of the pooled resources of all the IFD member firms to build marketing and operating advantages for their own business.

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