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Plymouth’s Len Busch Roses Helps Spread ‘The Flower Movement’

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Crews from Len Busch Roses delivered about 200 vases of flowers to Trillium Woods senior living community in Plymouth on Thursday morning to help kick off the “The Flower Movement.” The initiative encourages people to share their love of flowers with others, whether it’s giving someone a bouquet or teaching someone how to plant a flower garden.

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From CalFlowers

Floral community-based initiative to bring collaboration and unity

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WF&FSA Launches The Flower Movement

Floral community-based initiative to bring collaboration and unity and highlight the positive impact and importance of flowers in everyday life.

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A Glimpse into What Sustainability Looks Like in 2022 from Smithers-Oasis

From Smithers-Oasis

Smithers-Oasis regularly evaluates the products we make and how we make them. The company's goal is to create products through sustainable means, and Smithers-Oasis has achieved significant reductions of waste in our manufacturing facilities.

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In the Spirit of Thanksgiving: A Movement to Share the Power of Flowers

By WF&FSA President Gabriel Becerra

In many homes, the table of savory foods and tempting treats is accompanied by loved ones, and, of course, flowers. Flowers communicate our feelings of gratitude and togetherness, whether presented as a centerpiece or perhaps as a bouquet brought as a gift to those opening their homes to friends and family.

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Spread the Word About the Flower Movement

Flower Movement Awareness Week!

During August 8-14, 2022, WF&FSA will launch its Flower Movement Awareness Week where members of the floral community can come together in a concentrated effort to support the cause.

Download the #FlowerMovementWeek22 Toolkit

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Socially Flourishing

WF&FSA is recruiting the best of the floral industry to spread the Flower Movement through social media. Save the date for our upcoming Instagram Live talks with WF&FSA members and friends on how we're becoming #OneFlowerFamily.


The Flower Movement Upcoming Live Sessions