ECOROSES, 25 Years Living in Full Color

ECOROSES, ALL ABOUT QUALITY, is celebrating 25 years in the industry! This Ecuadorian ‎farm´s path


 has been characterized by passion for the trade, cutting-edge technological ‎investment, uncompromised commitment for quality and customer service and an endless ‎pursuit for innovation to bring customers the very best. ‎

ECOROSES is a family business, located in the beautiful Machachi valley at an altitude ‎of over 10.000 feet above sea level. Its goal is to offer a superior product, achieved through a ‎process carefully built on four main pillars: quality, freshness, consistency and performance. ‎This, along with an outstanding customer service, is what this company stands out for.‎

These aforementioned pillars, and the unwavering support of a fully committed and ‎exceptional team, have made possible that what began as a company of 5.5 hectares and 60 ‎workers, grows steadily into a 25-year company of 400 workers and 40 farmed hectares with ‎a yearly production of over 30 million rose stems of more than 100 different varieties. ‎

In these 25 years, more than just a company, a business, a reliable name and brand ‎with world-wide recognition has been built, one which unmistakeably stands for superior ‎quality.‎

Throughout this entire process, ECOROSES has paid special attention to building long-‎lasting business relationships with WHOLESALE customers whose businesses converge with ‎its own on the basis of quality. ECOROSES’ customers located in the most demanding ‎markets around the world have undoubtedly been essential in contributing to its growth and ‎strengthening over the years. Customers to who, for their continued trust and support, ‎ECOROSES has a debt of gratitude.‎

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